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Enjoy our 160 on-line videos – so far!


1915 March – 7/23/2006 "Step in Time"

1915 March – 7/26/2015 “Centennial Jubilee”

Africa – 7/26/2016 “Musical Safari”

Alley Cat5/6/2007 “Spring into Summer”

America the Beautiful7/22/2007 "A River Runs Through It"

American Riversongs7/22/2007 "A River Runs Through It"

And We Proceeded On (The Journey of Lewis and Clark) – 8/24/2014 “Just a Kid at Heart” with soprano recorder

Arlington – 6/22/2014 “I Get Around”

As Summer Was Just Beginning6/23/2013 “The Sixties"

As Time Goes By – 7/26/2015 “Centennial Jubilee” with vocal/alto sax soloists

Beatles: Love6/23/2013 "The Sixties"

Ben Hur Chariot Race (here’s a different video too) – 7/29/2012 “Along for the Ride”

Blues Bari Pie7/4/2012 Independence Day in Nevada City with bari sax duo

Brazilian Sleigh Bells12/6/2009 “Winter"

Bugler’s Holiday6/28/2009 “It’s About Time” with trumpet trio

But Not For Me – 12/8/2013 “Winter” with vocals

But Not For Me – 9/13/2014 “Constitution Day” with vocals and flugelhorn

California Here I Come7/23/2013 “California Dreamin’”

Call of the Wild – 7/24/2016 “Strange New Worlds”

Camptown Variations7/27/2008 "The Spirit of Champions”

Canciones Mexicanas5/2/2010 "Spring into Summer"

Caravan Overture – 9/11/2016 “Greatest Summer Hits”

Carnival of the Animals – 6/26/2016 “Musical Safari”

Caribbean Fantasy5/2/2010 "Spring into Summer"

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White6/24/2007 "Look to the Rainbow” with trumpet

Children’s March – 5/4/2014 “Spring into Summer”

A Christmas Greeting – 12/7/2014 “Winter Concert”

Cielito Lindo8/25/2013 “The Heat Is On”

Civil War Sketches7/4/2012 Independence Day in Nevada City

Come Sunday9/5/2010 Labor Day

Concertino Op.26 – 11/26/2017 “First Time Ever Old-Time Holiday Radio Pageant Extravaganza!” with clarinet soloist (Jerry Foote Scholarship recipient)

Cry Me a River5/6/2007 “Spring into Summer”

Cute – 9/9/2017 “Constitution Day” with drum soloist (Jerry Foote Scholarship recipient)

Deep River7/22/2007 "A River Runs Through It"

Desert Patrol (Oriental march) – 7/23/2006 "Step in Time"

Disney March Spectacular7/23/2006 "Step in Time"

Do You Hear What I Hear12/6/2009 "Winter"

El Condor Pasa (Inca Dance) – 5/2/2010 "Spring into Summer"

Embraceable You – 9/3/2017 Labor Day with tenor sax soloist

Encanto7/27/2008 "The Spirit of Champions”

Fanfare for a Festive Day – 9/13/2014 “Constitution Day”

Fiesta (paso doble march) – 9/5/2010 Labor Day

The Genius of Ray Charles – 9/6/2015 Labor Day

Gold and Silver (concert march) – 5/6/2007 “Spring into Summer”

A Grand Grand Overture12/6/2009 "Winter" with Hoover quartet

Great Hits of the Sixties6/23/2013 “The Sixties”

The Great Locomotive Chase7/29/2012 “Along for the Ride”

The Great Waldo Pepper March7/29/2012 “Along for the Ride”

Guadalcanal March7/22/2007 "A River Runs Through It"

High Flight5/5/2013 “Spring into Summer” featuring the trumpet section

Highlights from Jersey Boys6/23/2013 “The Sixties”

Highlights from “The Music Man”8/22/2010 "Musical Chairs"

Highlights from “Oliver!” – 7/27/2014 “How Sweet It Is”

Hot Trombone8/25/2013 “The Heat Is On” featuring the trombone section

If My Friends Could See Me Now – 9/13/2014 Constitution Day with euphonium/trombone duet

In the Miller Mood6/24/2007 "Look to the Rainbow”

Infernal Dance and Finale (from “The Firebird Suite”)5/2/2010 "Spring into Summer"

Irving Berlin Showstoppers (here’s a different video too) – 7/29/2012 “Along for the Ride”

Irving Berlin's Songs for America5/5/2013 "Spring into Summer"

Irving Berlin's Songs for America8/25/2013 “The Heat Is On”

In the Miller Mood – 6/4/2007 “Look to the Rainbow”

Instant Concert – 8/24/2014 “Just a Kid at Heart”

Jupiter: Bringer of Jollity (from "The Planets")12/6/2009 "Winter"

Knights of Old7/27/2008 "The Spirit of Champions”

La Paloma5/6/2007 “Spring into Summer”

Lemons and Limes (Y La Lima y Limon)5/4/2014 “Spring into Summer”

Lemons and Limes (Y La Lima y Limon)7/27/2014 “How Sweet It Is”

Let It Go (from “Frozen”) – 9/12/2015 “Constitution Day”

The Liberty Bell (march)5/5/2013 “Spring into Summer”

The Liberty Bell (march)6/23/2013 “The Sixties”

The Lion King Soundtrack Highlights – 9/13/2014 Constitution Day

Loch Lomond – 7/22/2007 "A River Runs Through It"

Mancini Magic7/22/2007 "A River Runs Through It"

March (#3 from “First Suite in Eb for Military Band”) – 7/23/2006 "Step in Time"

March (#3 from “First Suite in Eb for Military Band”) – 7/5/2014 Independence Day in Graeagle

The Marches of Mancini7/27/2008 "The Spirit of Champions”

March to the Principal’s Office – 8/24/2014 “Just a Kid at Heart”

Mexican Hat Dance (Jarabe Tapatío) – 8/27/2017 “Summers of Love – Big Hair” with dancers

Moonlight on the Nile (Valse Oriental) – 7/22/2007 “A River Runs Through It"

Music from “Gladiator"7/27/2008 “The Spirit of Champions”

Music from “The Incredibles"7/27/2008 "The Spirit of Champions”

The Music of Disneyland – 8/23/2015 “Mad about Marches”

Music of the Beatles5/6/2007 “Spring into Summer”


The Nutmeggers – 6/22/2014 “I Get Around”

The Nutmeggers – 8/31/2014 Labor Day

Ol' Blue Eyes 6/24/2007 "Look to the Rainbow”

Over the Rainbow 6/24/2007 "Look to the Rainbow” with trombone soloist

Over the Rainbow – 6/28/2015 “Showstoppers” with trombone soloist (Jerry Foote Scholarship recipient)

Our Fighting Men8/25/2013 “The Heat Is On”

The Pals – 7/26/2015 “Centennial Jubilee” featuring baritones/euphoniums

Pop & Rock Legends: Neil Diamond – 6/22/2014 “I Get Around” with wide view of the audience too

Pop & Rock Legends: Neil Diamond – 7/27/2014 “How Sweet It Is”

Postcard from Pittsburgh – 6/22/2014 “I Get Around”

Queen in Concert7/27/2008 "The Spirit of Champions”

Richard Rodgers: A Symphonic Portrait7/4/2012 Independence Day in Nevada City

Roller Coaster7/29/2012 “Along for the Ride”

The Rose of Mexico12/6/2009 "Winter"

Roswell, 19475/2/2010 "Spring into Summer”

Roswell, 1947 – 7/24/2016 “Strange New Worlds”

The Stars and Stripes Forever

A Royal Christmas – 12/8/2013 “Winter”

See the USA in your Chevrolet and The Klaxon (part 1 of 3)7/29/2012 “Along for the Ride”

See the USA in your Chevrolet and Sleigh Ride (part 2 of 3)7/29/2012 “Along for the Ride”

See the USA in your Chevrolet (part 3 of 3)7/29/2012 “Along for the Ride”

Seventy-Six Trombones (from "Music Man")7/23/2006 "Step in Time"

Shine (from the movie "Robots")7/27/2008 "The Spirit of Champions” with vocals

Snow White Fantasy6/24/2007 "Look to the Rainbow”

Sound of the Tijuana Brass5/6/2007 “Spring into Summer”

Space and Beyond – 5/5/2013 “Spring into Summer”

Space and Beyond – 6/23/2013 “The Sixties”

St. George and the Dragonet – 5/5/2013 “Spring into Summer” a radio drama

The Star Spangled Banner – 7/27/2008 "The Spirit of Champions”

Star Trek Through the Years – 7/24/2016 “Strange New Worlds”

The Stars and Stripes Forever – 7/26/2009 "Americans We”

The Stars and Stripes Forever – 9/13/2014 “Constitution Day” with Watsonville Community Band

The Stars and Stripes Forever – 7/4/2016 “Independence Day”

Suite in A minor, #1 Ouverture – 8/24/2014 “Just a Kid at Heart” with flute soloist (Jerry Foote Scholarship recipient)

Summer Time – 8/25/2013 “The Heat Is On” with trumpet soloist

The Sunset March – 8/25/2013 “The Heat Is On”

Take Me Out to the Ball Game – 7/27/2008 "The Spirit of Champions” with vocals

They Can’t Take That Away from Me – 8/28/2016 “Last But Not Least” with vocals, plus alto sax and trumpet improvisational soloists

Thunder (the theme music for NASCAR) – 7/27/2008 "The Spirit of Champions”

Tijuana Brass in Concert – 6/23/2013 “The Sixties”

To a Distant Place – 7/29/2012 “Along for the Ride”

Tramp Tramp Tramp (American Fantasia) – 7/29/2012 “Along for the Ride” with euphonium soloist

The Trombone Rag – 8/22/2010 "Musical Chairs" featuring the trombone section

A Trumpeter's Lullaby – 12/6/2009 "Winter" with trumpet soloist

A Trumpeter’s Lullaby – 6/26/2016 “Musical Safari” with Foote Scholarship trumpet soloist

Tuba Tiger Rag – 6/26/2016 “Musical Safari”

Tutti Frutti – 8/22/2010 "Musical Chairs" featuring the flute section

Twentiana – 7/27/2014 “How Sweet It Is”

Twentiana – 8/31/2014 Labor Day

Under the Stars – 12/6/2009 "Winter"

Valdres – 7/23/2006 "Step in Time"

Variations on a Kitchen Sink – 5/4/2014 “Spring into Summer” with extra percussion

Washington Grays (march) – 9/13/2014 “Constitution Day”

West Side Story Selections – 6/23/2013 “The Sixties”

Yosemite Autumn – 5/5/2013 “Spring into Summer”


Air for Band – 3/10/2016 Clarinet Club at “Ensemble Concert” with Nevada Union High School

Alexander's Ragtime Band12/6/2009 brass ensemble at "Winter"

All About That Bass – 6/26/2016 TUBAMONIUM! at “Musical Safari”

Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In – 9/3/2017 Blended Metal Saxophones at Labor Day

Baby Elephant Walk7/29/2012 clarinet choir at “Along for the Ride”

Bandstand Boogie6/23/2013 Blended Metal Saxophones at "The Sixties"

Birdland7/24/2016 Blended Metal Saxophones at "Strange New Worlds"

California Girls6/23/2013 jazz ensemble at "The Sixties"

Caprice7/24/2016 Twisted Licorice at "Strange New Worlds"

Cornwall7/26/2009 Marazion Apollo Male Voice Choir at "Americans We”

Don’t Stop Believing5/4/2014 saxophone choir at “Spring into Summer”

The Impressario Overture – 3/10/2016 Clarinet Club at “Ensemble Concert” with Nevada Union High School

Jingle Bells (from "A Christmas Jazz Suite") – 12/6/2009 brass quintet at "Winter"

Londonderry Air5/2/2010 clarinet choir at "Spring into Summer"

Misty8/28/2016 Twisted Licorice at "Last But Not Least"

Ole Sole Mio – 9/13/2014 Stamp Mill Stompers at “Constitution Day”

Slow and Lazy5/4/2014 Stamp Mill Stompers at “Spring into Summer”

Stephen Foster Salute – 8/24/2014 Gold Country Brass at “Just a Kid at Heart”

That Da Da Strain – 4/30/2016 Stamp Mill Stompers at “Pioneer Days”

That Red-Head Gal – 8/25/2013 Dixieland ensemble at “The Heat Is On”

Variations on a Theme of Idle – 7/26/2015 baritone/euphonium ensemble at “Centennial Jubilee”

When You and I Were Young, Maggie – 8/24/2014 Stamp Mill Stompers at “Just a Kid at Heart”

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch – 12/7/2014 Two-Bit Brass at “Winter”


Introducing the instruments – 7/27/2014 “How Sweet It Is”