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Band Musician Invitational Event – Rehearsal and Concert

Theme:  “By the 9s”

Sunday July 28, 2019




If you play one of these instruments:



Then please feel free to register for this event using this link.





We have reached the limit of how many musicians can fit on this stage.

So this event is now closed.


If… however…

you REALLY wish to come anyway,
here are your choices:


1.    Go back to the previous webpage, and check out the roster.
Choose an instrument that has fewer players, like oboe or alto clarinet.


2.    Then send an email here to plead your case.
Bribes are good – chocolate, especially with peanuts.


3.    Come anyway, and enjoy our wonderful state parks, historic districts, and more.
Then attend the 5:00pm concert as part of the audience.

4.    Make sure you are on our email list for next year.
I’ll also use it to announce the KVMR links,
cancellations that leave an opening for another musician to register.