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The Spirit of Champions” Concert 7/27/08

(click on the image to enlarge)

Description: NCCB072708pix01t
Cheryl Woldseth at the morning’s rehearsal

Description: NCCB072708pix02t
Michael Ireland, Patty Zollner, Abraham Fish

Description: NCCB072708pix03t
Baritone saxes:
Dan Herve, Nick Stumbaugh, Mark Toffelmier

Description: NCCB072708pix04t
Gary Eckhardt, Casha Cory, Alex Ramey

Description: NCCB072708pix05t
Ginger Jackson (bass clarinet), David Lake
(alto clarinet)

Description: NCCB072708pix06t

Michael Ireland, Patty Zollner, Abraham Fish, Richard Geisler

Description: NCCB072708pix07t
Cheryl in motion

Description: NCCB072708pix08t
Six point five of the eight tubas

Description: NCCB072708pix09t
Tubas plus percussionists Norm Kies, Jim Roberson

Description: NCCB072708pix10t
Flute section

Description: NCCB072708pix11t
Must be good if Cheryl’s smiling!

Description: NCCB072708pix12t
Some flutes and saxes

Description: NCCB072708pix13t
Some horns, flutes, and saxes

Description: NCCB072708pix14t
8 French horns:
Ian Bell, Judson Goodrich, Julian Solano, John-Paul Meyer, Tony Mickela, Rosemary Baschal, Henry Cardana, Laura Lapinski

Description: NCCB072708pix15t
12  of 13 Trumpets:
Jim Luckinbill, Claus Dreyer, Karin Hofland, Roberta Ross, Irv Gidding, Tracy Savage, Steve Fernald, Sandra Mass, Forrest Schomberg, Gary Eckhardt, Casha Cory, Alex Ramey

Description: NCCB072708pix16t
Some trumpets, tubas, trombones, and baritones

Description: NCCB072708pix17t
Jerry Foote & Anne DeCarli
Eb Clarinets:
Michael Price & Bill Powell
1st Bb Clarinets:
Pete Hanson & Harold George

Description: NCCB072708pix18t
Clarinet section

Description: NCCB072708pix19t
Long-time band groupie Ted Peach cheered on his wife (Nancy: baritone horn) and helped sell his son’s DVD production of
this concert

Description: NCCB072708pix20t.JPG
Contestants play “musical squares” while the band played “Mission: Impossible”

Description: NCCB072708pix21t.JPG
The game was fun for the band too!

Description: NCCB072708pix22t.JPG
The prize was a free ice cream treat!

Description: NCCB072708pix23t.JPG
The crowd during intermission

Description: NCCB072708pix24t.JPG
The band greets the crowd during intermission.

Description: NCCB072708pix25t.JPG
Everyone got a shady spot.

Description: NCCB072708pix26t.JPG
A wide-angle picture of the band at the morning rehearsal.

Description: NCCB072708pix27t.JPG
The bandshell at Pioneer Park as the shade slowly takes over prior to concert time.

Description: NCCB072708pix28t.JPG
A beautiful park, and a great place for a picnic and music.

Description: NCCB072708pix29t.JPG
Concert time!

Description: NCCB072708pix30t.JPG
3 of 13 Flutes:
Susan Desper, Alice Jacobs, Kirsti Powell

Description: NCCB072708pix31t.JPG
Cheryl on her toes

Description: NCCB072708pix32t.JPG
14 Bb Clarinets

Description: NCCB072708pix33t.JPG
The audience waits for the shade to take over as they enjoy the music.

Description: NCCB072708pix34t.JPG
Vocalist Sarah Pressler leads everyone in the 1908 version and sing-along of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

Description: NCCB072708pix35t.JPG
Just look at all that shiny brass, even in a field of 100!

Description: NCCB072708pix36t.JPG
Cheryl catches the band’s eye (perhaps just by staring them down?)

Description: NCCB072708pix37t.JPG
Cheryl summons beautiful sounds from the band.

Description: NCCB072708pix38t.JPG
The tuba section makes a wonderful sight and sound!

Description: NCCB072708pix39t.JPG
An audience of all kinds is enthralled.

Description: NCCB072708pix40t.JPG
Cheryl calls for action!

Description: NCCB072708pix41t.JPG
The percussion make a nice display.

Description: NCCB072708pix42t.JPG
All the saxes plus the bass clarinets

Description: NCCB072708pix43t.JPG
Bass clarinets:
Jan Woldseth & Ginger Jackson

Description: NCCB072708pix44t.JPG
The band takes a well-deserved ovation.

Description: NCCB072708pix45t.JPG
3 of 5 alto saxes:
Carla Nordstrom, Ernie Kapphahn, & Tom Hudspeth
1 of 3 tenor saxes:
Randy Baptista
2 of 3 baritone saxes:
Dan Herve & Nick Stumbaugh

Description: NCCB072708pix46t.JPG
Jane Solano (flute),
 Paul DeCarli (bassoon)

Description: NCCB072708pix47t.JPG
While Jane practices, Tom shares with Ernie.  (Perhaps it’s just his reed?)

Description: NCCB072708pix48t.JPG
Jerry Foote & Anne DeCarli
2 of 7 Trombones:
Francis Chew & Kelly O’Brien, & some tubas too (Earl Cruser)

Description: NCCB072708pix49t.JPG
4 of 5 Alto saxes:
Bob Bobrow, Carla Nordstrom, Ernie Kapphahn, Tom Hudspeth

Description: NCCB072708pix50t.JPG
3 of 8 French horns:
Julian Solano, John-Paul Meyer, Tony Mickela

Description: NCCB072708pix51t.JPG
French horns:
Julian Solano & John-Paul Meyer

Description: NCCB072708pix52t.JPG
The Oom-pah and Dixieland Ensemble:
Sarah Pressler (vocals),
Pete Hanson (clarinet),
Alex Ramey (trumpet),
David Bear (trombone),
Mark Meeker (tuba)